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Titan Insurance Company


When securing your future in Florida, having reliable insurance coverage is essential. Whether you are a homeowner, a driver, or a business owner in Florida, Titan Insurance is here to provide you with the protection you need. With the instant quote feature from Florida Insurance Quotes, you can quickly get the coverage you need at the best possible price. Read on to discover how Titan Insurance can help secure your future in Florida.

Are you looking for an auto insurance company that is a leader in the auto insurance industry, has great coverage, affordable rates, excellent customer service with convenient locations, and is a part of the Nationwide Company? We all want this, so if you agree and answer yes to these questions like I did, then Titan Insurance Company is the one for you.

The History of the Titan Insurance Company


The Titan Insurance Company was founded in 1991 and is known as a leader in Specialty Auto Insurance in Michigan. Based out of Troy, Michigan, Titan Insurance Company has operated as a Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company branch since its purchase in 2003. They rank 108 on the Fortune 500 list, sixth in property casualty insurance providers, and one of the top ten auto insurers in the United States with over $265 million in written premiums.


Titan Insurance Company strives to create a car insurance policy to meet your needs and fit into your life, giving you a more excellent range of choices as you pick the right plan.

Choose Florida Insurance Wisely


When choosing which insurance policy is correct, consider your vehicle type, if you have had any accidents, where you live, and what you can afford. Titan Insurance Company offers more affordable options to help you out. Still, some are unavailable in specific states, so pick the ones that pertain to you and your location.

How Titan Differs From Other Companies in Florida


Here are some of the ways that Titan Insurance Company can help you out in specific locations: 

  • Accident Forgiveness is where your first accident that is your fault will not be held against you and cause a rise in your premium.
  • Towing and labor is where an inoperable vehicle will be towed to a garage so they can fix it. This policy will cover both the tow and repair bills.
  • Loss of use is where they provide a rental car while they fix your automobile after the accident.
  • Loan/Lease Coverage for when the vehicle is not worth as much as you owe, thus paying the difference between the two for you to help you out.
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP) allows a situation where nobody is at fault for the accident. The payout happens for injuries and possibly any lost earnings you could have incurred, regardless of whose fault it was.
  • Double deductible has a lower rate but will double if an accident or loss happens during a specific time.
  • Rental Reimbursement will pay you back for the rental car you used when they worked on your vehicle.
  • Accidental Death is where they pay a set amount of money if you should expire.
  • Special Equipment Coverage protects custom items you have added to your car.
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts Coverage is where they repair your car using factory parts.
  • Non-owner Coverage allows someone else to drive your car with coverage.
  • Decreasing deductibles is a great way to save some money. Your deductible will decrease if you go without an accident and keep a good driving record with no yearly points or wrecks.


Titan Insurance Company also offers discounts to insure multiple vehicles on your policy. In addition, they have good student discounts for teens that keep up their good grades. Furthermore, they offer military discounts if a household member serves in the armed forces. Finally, they provide a deal if you remain accident-free.


Additional Discounts


If those deals are insufficient, Titan offers association discounts for you or your spouse involved in any organization that Titan recognizes. Car-specific items include:

  • Anti-theft Device
  • Anti-lock brakes (ABS) 
  • New Customer Discount
  • Bundling Discount on Florida homeowners insurance and car insurance 
  • Early renewal discount for those who get a quote at least eight days before their policy has now ended
  • Auto Safety Course Discount for those who take a safe driving class 
  • Airbag discount for those who have airbags in their vehicle
  • Farm Use discounts for using vehicles for farming and agricultural work


Travel Insurance


Titan Insurance Company offers Travelink discounts for those people who travel a lot for work, and their employer tries to lessen the effect on them by helping them with the cost of their vehicle. This discount goes along with the collision insurance policy only. Titan Insurance Company also offers electronic funds transfer, where you get a discount for having bills and payments set up electronically to save on paper; a mature driver discount is where the longer you have driven could be a plus and offer you a value for the experience.


Florida Auto Insurance


Another coverage that Titan Insurance Company offers is Auto Insure Liability Coverage, which protects against injuries and property damage to others if the accident is your fault. In addition, it can pay lost earnings and any lawsuits or legal fees due to an accident. Most states require this type of insurance. Finally, Titan Insurance Company offers collision coverage to help pay for your vehicle if anything happens to it, such as a wreck, someone hits you, or you roll your car over. Some companies require this type of insurance if you lease the vehicle or have to take out a loan to buy it and still owe on the loan.


Titan Insurance Company also offers uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage for any damage to your vehicle if you were hit by someone uninsured, underinsured, or unable to be identified. If you are hurt, this will also cover medical costs for you and your passengers. You can pay for any lost income due to injury and other damages. Again, this coverage may vary depending on what state you live in. 

Titan Insurance Company also offers medical payment coverage to help pay any medical bills related to your injury due to an accident and comprehensive coverage that is a step above having liability and collision coverage together. Comprehensive coverage will protect your vehicle from most kinds of damage not caused by collision.

Emergency Roadside Assistance


Titan Insurance Company has an emergency roadside service plan to help when things are unplanned. This assistance can include towing, tire changes, jump starts, gas delivery, help if you lock yourself out of your vehicle, and help get your car back on the road if you run off the road. Titan Insurance Company also has many options for high-risk people who need help getting insurance through other companies. 

Titan Insurance Company has customer service representatives who are friendly, helpful, and trained to handle all your claims and help you pick out which insurance is right for you. Their employees love serving customers, and their insurance is affordable with many options. They can insure you for as little as $1.00 daily, so they are worth checking out.

Get Instant Quotes for Titan Insurance in Florida

Finding the right insurance coverage can be a time-consuming and confusing process. However, with Florida Insurance Quotes, you can get instant quotes for Titan Insurance, making the process quick and hassle-free. Titan Insurance covers you whether you are looking for auto, homeowners, or business insurance.

With their user-friendly website, you can easily navigate various coverage options and get instant quotes tailored to your needs. No more waiting on hold or sitting through lengthy phone calls with insurance agents. With a few clicks, you can compare quotes and choose the coverage that fits your budget and requirements. Titan Insurance ensures you have all the information to decide your insurance coverage.

Secure Your Future with Reliable Titan Insurance in Florida

It would be best to have a trustworthy insurance provider like Titan Insurance in Florida. Moreover, customers must protect their assets to secure their future. Titan Insurance has been serving the insurance needs of Floridians for years, offering reliable coverage and exceptional customer service.

Whether you are a homeowner, a driver, or a business owner, Titan Insurance provides comprehensive policies that protect you from unexpected events. From natural disasters to accidents on the road, Titan Insurance is there to give you the peace of mind you deserve. With their experienced team of professionals, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.


Don’t leave your future to chance. Secure your assets and protect your loved ones with Titan Insurance in Florida. With our instant quote feature, you can easily find affordable coverage that meets your needs. Whether you need auto, homeowners, or business insurance, Titan Insurance has the expertise and reliability to provide you with the protection you deserve. Don’t wait any longer. Get your instant quote from Florida Insurance Quotes today. Then, rest easy knowing that your future is in good hands with Titan Insurance.

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