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Security First Insurance

Security First Insurance Florida

Security First Insurance is a family-owned, privately held company headquartered in Ormond Beach, Florida. The homeowners’ insurance company operates exclusively in Florida and is one of the more trusted brands. The insurer is known for its reliable service, comprehensive coverage, and easy claims settlement process.


History of Security First Insurance

The company was founded in 2005, but its legacy dates back to 1918. The great-grandfather of founder and former senator Locke Burt, Ernest Olmsted, started his career in insurance by opening an agency in Des Moines, Iowa. Olmsted played an instrumental role in shaping the history of insurance in the state of Florida. Locke Burt was a Florida senator from 1991 to 2002. He teamed up with Harry Bleiwise in 2004 and, for a year, founded Security First Insurance Company.

The company has a hundred-year history in the sector and has constantly developed new technologies to improve the service. The insurer has changed with the times and improved its policies to provide the necessary protection residents in the sunshine state require. Florida has had a tumultuous past due to the frequent natural disasters that have tested insurance companies’ foundations and financial stability. Many insurance companies have moved out of the state in the last thirty years, and some have stopped operating in the sector. Security First has endured for over a decade and has only grown from strength to strength, further consolidating its century-old legacy.

Locke Burt had an astute understanding of the inherent vulnerability of the state to different types of natural disasters, including hurricanes that often leave behind devastating aftermaths. As a result, the company is wholly committed to and focused on Florida. All its policies and types of coverage are designed to be relevant to the needs of homeowners in the state. The insurer’s customer service and claims departments work round the clock throughout the year without exception. The company has also strengthened its financial foundation to endure the aftermath of multiple hurricanes in one year.

With sturdy insurance protection, exceptional customer service, a talented team of compassionate individuals, a proactively forward-thinking attitude, and a delicate balance between sustenance and growth, the company has emerged as one of the industry leaders. The convenience assured by the company is incomparable. Its policies are innovative. The company also backs support groups and charitable organizations to assist the communities and families across Florida further.

The insurance company is often the first choice of homeowners. It has thousands of policyholders, most of whom have never switched to another insurer. Locke Burt is the present chairman and president, Harry Bleiwise is the chairman emeritus, Werner Kruck is a director and the chief operating officer, Melissa DeVriese is the general counsel and chief administrative officer, Clive Becker-Jones is a director, treasurer, and the chief financial officer, Ben Bomhoff is the vice president, Marissa Buckley is the vice president of brand experience and marketing, Bob Ketchum is the vice president of data analytics and product, David Lockhart is the controller, Charlie Lowe is the vice president of claims, Frank Molinario is the vice president of human resources, Kathie Rodier is the vice president of underwriting, and Kerrie Ruland is the vice president of specialty insurance and business development.


Products of Security First Insurance


Homeowners insurance is the main product with different variants. There are policies for owner-occupied homes and condominiums. There are policies for landlords and property management companies. Renters can also get insurance for home contents. There is separate fire damage coverage for both owner-occupied dwellings and rental properties. There is flood and water backup coverage as a standalone policy.

Security First offers comprehensive coverage. The standard policies cover the entire structure of residential properties. Replacement cost is accounted for in standard coverage. Dwelling coverage ranges from a hundred and twenty-five or a hundred and fifty thousand to one million dollars. In addition, there is coverage for unattached structures such as a gazebo, garage, swimming pool, and rooms not connected to the main building. The standard range includes furniture, appliances, and clothing, among other essential personal items. Expensive valuables can be protected with additional or optional coverage.

The company has lucidly explained the categories of coverage. Policyholders can easily read about these categories and determine the scope of the policy they would be comfortable with. Standard procedures typically cover personal liability, medical expenses, and temporary living costs. The quantum of coverage depends on the policy. The premium is determined accordingly. Homeowners can get comprehensive coverage with standard procedures or opt for optional coverage while using deductibles to secure discounts on tips. Homeowners can also avail of standalone policies to protect against fire damage and water backup. However, such policies do not provide general coverage against theft and other perils. These specific policies are particularly relevant for properties in coastal counties and those that do not have enough fire prevention or remedial systems, such as alarms and sprinklers.

Security First Insurance Company is one of the better-known brands in the industry. This is partly because its coverage is more inclusive than that of others. Many insurers do not provide sufficient replacement costs. Personal liability coverage is often too little to be helpful. Liability coverage provided by Security First includes legal fees that quickly surge while defending against lawsuits. The company has many discounts. The policyholder’s age, the various features in a residential property, the types of security fixtures installed, and other state-of-the-art installations that make the house more resistant to known and covered perils will influence the premium for the same coverage.

The company has experts stationed at its corporate headquarters, with agents representing them. The experts and the agents can help policyholders choose adequate coverage depending on their needs. Almost all policies can be customized to the extent necessary. Policies for owners of condominiums, rental properties, and owners’ associations can also be customized extensively to secure maximum coverage for the lowest possible premium.

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