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Velocity Insurance Group

Velocity Insurance Group is based at Suite H503 on 6300 Sagewood Drive in Park City, UT 84098. The company offers aviation insurance, property and casualty insurance, workers compensation insurance and other policies in the niche. The root of the insurer is in aviation but it has since diversified to offer commercial property and casualty insurance along with workers compensation policies. They can be reached through and contacted on (435) 252-3565 or (555) 555-5555.


History of Velocity Insurance Group


The company has decades of experience and specializes in customized service. It has offered insurance policies to companies based across the country and around the world. Its innovative solutions in the niche have carved out and consolidated its market share. The insurer is known for its reliable and efficient customer service as well as relevant coverage for distinct. The company stresses the importance of the extensive consultation at the outset so they can understand the unique needs of every client and accordingly provide the best-suited policy.


Rodney Ritter is the president at Velocity. He has held several senior management positions in different aviation companies. With an experience of more than twenty-five years in the aviation that straddles aircraft leasing, financing, airline equipment, and corporate aircraft management, Ritter is one of the pivotal influencers of policies at the company. Ritter has been a directory of finance & risk management for one of the largest commercial helicopter operators in the world. He has managed financing for major aviation companies. He has firsthand experience of managing insurance for a regional airline, helicopter logging, aerospace parts manufacturing, workers compensation and more.


Richard Breza is the vice president. He has been associated with an aviation insurance brokerage for many years. He has an extensive but unique network of connections that enables him to devise relevant solutions for the clients of Velocity. Breza has been instrumental in handling different types of claims and contract reviews. He excels in understanding demands of the aviation sector, from fixed based operations to repair or overhaul, maintenance and different types of operators.


Colleen Yoemans is the finance manager at Velocity. She has more than twenty-five years of experience in the aviation sector. Finance and accounting are her forte. She specializes in business analysis, budgeting, accounting, finance, tax, treasury, and auditing. Yoemans also has acted as the liaison between accounting and operational departments. Jodee Morgan is the senior aviation account manager. She comes from a family that owned and operated one of the largest and most successful aircraft charters in the state of Utah. She worked for the company at the start of her career and gained exposure in insurance. She began her journey with Velocity as a team leader and has since honed several specializations pertaining to aviation insurance.


Products of Velocity Insurance Group


Velocity offers aviation insurance. It has general aviation clients. The plethora of policies is mostly commercial insurance solutions. The insurer also serves as a consultant and broker for clients, assisting every one of them to understand their unique needs and to accordingly choose the most comprehensive policy while keeping the premium in check. The consultants at Velocity are capable of finding innovative solutions. This is what sets them apart from other insurance companies, agents or brokers in the aviation sector. Presently, Velocity has distinct areas of coverage including rotor wing, fixed wing, airports, fixed based operations, manufacturers, lessors, financial institutions and corporate entities.


Velocity offers property & casualty insurance. Its clientele includes aircraft management companies owning and operating facilities across the country and around the world, from vans transporting skiers to the mountain resorts, personal hangars to the local restaurants. Commercial property and casualty insurance is an imperative need for businesses in most industries. Velocity has personalized solutions for such clients. There is a vast range of products and the policies are not limited to aviation. The consultants at Velocity excel at assessing the liability limit and can suggest appropriate exposures to protect corporate and individual assets.


The areas of coverage for such commercial property and casualty insurance policies include commercial property, commercial auto, commercial general liability, inland marine, liability of officers and directors, excess liability or umbrella policies, employment practices liability insurance, professional liability, errors and omissions liability, boiler and machinery, medical malpractice, crime, pollution liability, workers compensation, bonding, trade credit, political risks, ocean marine, cyber liability, flood, earthquake, wind, products liability, cargo liability, course of construction, contractors liability, hangar and over the road fuel truck.


Workers compensation policies at Velocity are also customized. All clients get to consult with the experts and choose the best possible program, depending on everything from the size of a company to the risks a workforce is exposed to. The consultants at Velocity Insurance Group have expertise in assessing all types of risks and can comfortably manage the analysis of multimillion-dollar operations. Velocity can limit the risks, maximize cash flow and help clients secure the maximum discounts or credits on specific policies.


There are many types of programs for workers compensation including guaranteed cost, retrospectively rated policies, large deductible solutions, and divided risks. The type of available coverage includes employers liability such as stopgap coverage, voluntary compensation and blanket waiver of subrogation. There is coverage across states and on foreign shores. There are policies with maritime acts coverage. These include Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act coverage, Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act coverage, Defense Base Act coverage and Federal Employers Liability Act coverage. There are loss limitation options such as occurrence stop loss and aggregate stop loss.


Velocity is a specialist in aviation insurance, commercial property & casualty insurance, and workers compensation. The consultants and agents are deft at handling all types of risks and potential claims. The policies are chosen based on the needs and hence the coverage is unique for a given scenario. All clients get to choose customized policies. Negotiations in the best interest of the clients can secure reasonable premiums for holistic coverage. Velocity has strategic partners to further simplify the quest and assist clients to find the best insurance policy.

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