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Southern Oak Insurance Company

Southern Oak

Do you live in Florida and have trouble finding or keeping an insurance policy due to the high risks of living in an area where storms and damages occur frequently? Has your insurance company raised their premiums, gone out of business, left you hanging, or walked away from Florida due to these risks altogether? Then you should check out Southern Oak Insurance Company.


Southern Oak Insurance Company began in early 2005 when many big-named companies were abandoning thousands of policies and leaving the Florida area behind. Southern Oak kept its company afloat by carefully monitoring and selecting which policies it would write, keeping costs down on its marketing, spreading out its coverage area, and using independent agents to target the private market. By doing so, they can selectively write policies all over the state and distribute their risks by offering several insurance products, such as homeowners, renters, and condo unit owners.


Southern Oak Insurance Company’s main office in Jacksonville, Florida, specializes in personal residential property coverage. Their executive team has over 100 years of combined experience in the insurance industry. Southern Oak Insurance has been given an A financial stability rating, which means they are exceptional at maintaining excess at a satisfactory level. Because Southern Oak Insurance Company is small, one advantage is that it can react quickly to the market. Larger companies have more financial ability, but smaller companies are more flexible. Sometimes too much exposure is not a good thing, and having too many policies can put a company in a situation where they are forced not to renew and get out of the business altogether.


Southern Oak Insurance Company aims to keep its costs low. However, due to all of the storms in Florida, the cost of things changes, and something that may cost $15.00 could go up to $20.00 due to shortages of lumber, supplies, or just essential workers. With Southern Oak Insurance Company behind them, the state of Florida is working on establishing better building construction regulations in Florida that would require homes to be built sturdier to handle damage from storms and winds. This would help lower insurance costs so Southern Oak Insurance Company can reduce premiums and help their customers.


Southern Oak Insurance Company offers insurance products that include a  Homeowners Policy for those who own their own home and damages happen to it. Southern Oak Insurance Company’s Homeowners Policy also provides additional coverage that is limited and may cover such items as trailers, theft of watercraft or firearms, securities, sight business items, electronics, and accessories that go with them, and theft of personal items no matter where you are.


Southern Oak Insurance Company also has additional homeowners coverages that include added medical payments that cover up to $5,000, added limits if someone steals your jewelry, watches, or furs up to $5,000, added limits if your silverware is stolen up to $10,000, added optional animal liability coverage (has some guidelines if purchased), added optional golf cart damage up to $5000 for any physical damages to the cart.


Southern Oak Insurance Company offers a Condominium Unit Owners Policy to protect the condominium units rented or leased to people if something happens to one of them and a Tenant Policy that protects the person and belongings of the rented place. A Dwelling Fire Policy to help in case of a fire in the dwelling you are living in.


Southern Oak Insurance Company has also acquired an excellent reinsurance program, and they only agree on these contracts with highly rated companies. Hence, if an unfortunate event happens, the reinsurance company will be the backup and support and decrease the exposure. There is also a fund for extra protection called the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund for those times of disaster in Florida.


Southern Oak Insurance Company also offers a variety of payment options for premiums only to make it more convenient and helpful to their customers. For example, if customers pay the whole year upfront in full, they will be rewarded with no service fee. They can also spend two times a year (every six months), in which the customer pays 60% down on the first payment and 40% for the second half of the year and also is charged a $5.00 service fee per payment ( which is $10.00 more) or the customer can pay four times a year (every three months) with 40% down for the first payment and 20% down for the following three additional costs and is also charged with a $5.00 service fee per payment (which is $20.00 more).


Southern Oak Insurance Company strives to provide the best insurance possible in Florida and to give exceptional service to their customers as they continue to grow and prosper in the Florida area. Southern Oak Insurance Company offers a website where you can log on at any time, day or night, make payments, manage your accounts, and even have your documents and bills delivered electronically. Southern Oak Insurance Company is committed to being there for its customers in their time of need and helping them through it. They will still be there when you need them the most.

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