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State Farm Insurance Florida

Since launching in 1922, State Farm Insurance in Florida has built a solid reputation over the years as a “good neighbor” and always “being there” for its customers. That memorable message continues to appear in its advertising, which is recognizable to many people today. Founded by George Jacob, “G.J.” Mecherle, the organization has grown significantly and now ranks on the Fortune 500 list of largest companies. When first envisioning the company, Mecherle wanted to “operate fairly and do the right thing for customers.” Today, that vision still thrives.


Based in Bloomington, Illinois, State Farm Insurance has the distinction of insuring more cars and homes in the United States than any other company. While the company began as a single-line auto insurance company, the organization has since expanded to offer 100 products and services across five lines of business and is supported by 19,000 agents across the country. Each day, the company handles 39,000 claims.


Along with helping people manage the risks of everyday life, the company has also shown a steadfast commitment to supporting the community at large. A strong advocate for auto safety, the company has played a pivotal role in helping to pass several seat belt laws and generate greater awareness about teen driver safety. In addition, it organizes an array of community activities designed to prevent and reduce injury or loss. It has supported various initiatives around home ownership, neighborhood safety, and more.


State Farm’s Insurance Offerings In Florida

From vehicle insurance spanning cars, motorcycles, boats, and more to homes and properties, health, life, disability, and small business, State Farm in Florida offers outstanding options for protecting the people and the most important things. Following is an overview of the different types of insurance products that are available:


Florida Vehicle Insurance From State Farm

There is a reason the company is the number one provider of auto insurance in the country: stellar service, straightforward claims, and affordable prices. In addition to a choice of coverage for liability and collision, policyholders may also be eligible for discounts based on their safe driving record or if they purchase both car and home policies, among other factors. Along with cars, insurance is available for two- and three-wheeled vehicles, off-road vehicles, boats, and motor homes for physical damage and loss due to fire, theft, and collisions, among other scenarios.


State Farm Florida Home & Property Insurance

Renters and homeowners have choices regarding insurance coverage to protect the things they value the most. Homeowners insurance offers peace of mind and provides coverage for losses due to weather, non-weather incidents such as theft and vandalism, and accidental direct physical loss that may occur because of plumbing and heating, to name a few. Condo owners and renters also have options to ensure that their personal belongings have protection in case of unexpected events.


Florida Life Insurance

Securing your family’s financial future begins with taking preventative measures to protect them, including finding the right life insurance plan. There are quite a few advantages to having life insurance, whether you want to ensure that your loved ones maintain their standard of living, meet their mortgage payments, pay debts, have enough to pay for college, or fund a personal dream. All of this is possible with life insurance.


Florida Health and Disability

Illness and injury can be life-changing, and having health insurance can help cover unexpected expenses and reduce the risk of financial hardship. Whether it’s for an individual or family, there are several options for health insurance, including primary, supplemental, and Medicare supplemental, all of which provide the coverage necessary to pay for care costs and more. In addition, when it comes to disability, you can rest assured that you will still receive a paycheck if you cannot include long-term, short-term and individual credit.


Personal Liability Umbrella

Suppose you cause injury to another party as a result of an accident. In that case, liability umbrella products can help safeguard when liability coverage under your home or vehicle insurance policies is not enough. In addition, private liability umbrella insurance may protect against individual claims, whether defamation of character, libel, or slander.


Florida Small Business

Let’s face it, entrepreneurs have a lot on their plate and want to ensure that they protect the product of their hard work should something happen. No matter the industry, small business insurance provides the crucial coverage necessary, whether property and liability protection or both.


Professional & Business Liability

Professional and business liability insurance will come in handy if facing a lawsuit due to error, negligence, or another reason, and your primary insurance coverage is insufficient. In addition, having this type of insurance can help if you face costly legal judgments.


Identity Restoration

When someone experiences identity theft, the damage can take a toll on their energy, time, credit, and finances. Identity restoration insurance can help with the recovery process. As an added convenience, this protection can also be added to another policy, whether home, condo, apartment, manufactured house, or farm, and covers you, your spouse, and relatives or dependents under the age of 21. Services supporting identity restoration service include case management and expense reimbursement.


Pet Medical Insurance in Florida

For many people, pets are an essential part of the family. As such, they want to make sure that their pets are healthy and get the proper veterinary care when they need it. Pet medical insurance is there to help ease the burden of expensive medical attention and ease financial worry. Pet medical insurance can help save upwards of 90 percent on veterinary care, less the deductible.


State Farm in Florida offers a wealth of insurance solutions to help address everyday needs. However, it is essential to sit down with an insurance professional to determine the correct type of insurance and coverage for you and your family. Although thousands of people in Florida enjoy State Farm and its services, so can you!

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