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Are you prepared should an emergency arise and something would happen to your home, personal belongings or business? Do you have a reliable and trustworthy insurance company that will stand by you in your time of trouble and need? Granted a Superior “A” rating by Demotech (a financial analysis firm from Columbus, Ohio),  Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company (UPCIC) can help you in your time of need to rebuild your life, get you back on your feet and get things back on course in the right direction.

Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company is a branch of Universal Insurance Holding Company of Florida, which is wholly owned by Universal Holdings Incorporated. As one of the three largest property insurance companies in Florida, Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company now sells homeowners insurance in Florida and Georgia.

University Property & Casualty Insurance Company sells renters insurance, dwelling insurance, condominium insurance and home insurance in 5 states- North Carolina, South Carolina, Hawaii, Georgia and Florida and are equipped with around 4,600 highly trained and independent local agents to help you with all your insurance needs and questions.  Many insurance companies will not insure in these areas that are at a greater risk for storm damage or hurricanes so it is important for property owners to know their options for insuring their properties and they can get all of this information from Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company.

Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company offers the following types of insurances to consumers: Homeowners Policy for the actual dwelling the owner occupies; Renters Policy to cover the contents in the unit that is being rented; Condominium Policy to cover any condominiums occupied by either owners or tennants; Dwelling Coverage for protection from wind, hail, lightning or fire; Other Structural Coverage for property other than the actual home such as a shed or garage; Dwelling Fire Policy for protection of the dwelling a Landlord owns; Personal Property Coverage for the contents inside the dwelling and Personal Liability Coverage for accidents that may happen to others while at the dwelling.

There are also certain loss reduction features that Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company will support based on state law encouraging consumers to strengthen their homes to reduce the effects of storms to preserve both their property and their lives. Through Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company, significant discounts are offered to policyholders who have these loss reduction features under the state approved discount program for their homes, condominiums or apartments. An inspection from a qualified inspector needs to be done with the proper inspection form filled out to determine eligibility of the current policyholder. Through the Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company, there is an approved vendor list to be sure you receive the correct inspection by a qualified inspector which will reduce the time and expense that UPCIC takes to process the policies. To help with the cost of the inspection and as an added bonus to customers, Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company has reached an agreement with its approved vendors to reduce the inspection fee to no more than $95.00. Using one of these vendors on the approved list will most likely eliminate the need of re-inspection needing to be done and provide the most accurate results.

Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company also offers its higher value residential properties in Florida a separate policy through a branch of their company called The American Platinum Property & Casualty Insurance Company for those homes needing coverage in excess of one million dollars.

Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company also has installed a reinsurance program in the most comprehensive way possible for the hurricane season that is approaching. This program will help with loss in the event of a catastrophe at the 90% level and even for 2nd and 3rd events of  loss in excess. It will also reinstate premium protection and maintain the Quota Share reinsurance insurance coverage on its dwelling fire, business and homeowners.

Do you know why Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company uses a red elephant in their logo? It is due to the wisdom of the red elephants and UPCIC’s desire to provide exceptional service and competitive rates to their customers. Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company has combined with some of the greatest and most respected expertise in the business which allows them the opportunity to grow and combine their financial strength, underwriting abilities, logical reasoning and executive power. Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company ensures their success with experienced people as their leaders to provide the personal attention to each customer and their claims. They are dedicated to providing one on one service to their agents and customers without ever having to talk to a voice mail system. Their staff are well trained and eager to help you in anyway possible and someone is always available to pick up the phone and answer your call to get your claim started, change or start policies or simply ask a question. They are there for you to listen to you and help you with any problem or situation you may have with your insurance.  Every effort is made to provide the consumer with immediate service. They treat each claim as it were their own or a family members and try to give their customers fast results on all claims or questions.

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