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Florida auto insurance requirements

Every time you drive your vehicle you are exposing yourself to risks on the road.  There are road hazards, weather hazards and the biggest unknown of all other drivers.  We all do our best to avoid road hazards but there are times when your car is damaged from hazards encountered on the road.   We can avoid driving in weather hazards like hurricanes since we are giving adequate time to prepare and protect our vehicles but what about sudden storms that spring up?  You will want to make sure you are covered in the event that weather hazards cause damage to your vehicle.  The biggest risk of all is from other drivers who are on the road at the same time.  Drivers could be distracted by passengers or talking on cell phones and not paying attention to the road.  Florida auto insurance requirements have been established to deal with all these situations and make sure the driver and vehicle are protected in the event of an accident.

Minimum requirements

There are minimum Florida automotive requirements that every driver and vehicle registered in the State of FL must meet.  The first requirement is that every single vehicle registered in the state must have coverage at all times.  This means that even if you are only a seasonal resident of the state and your vehicle goes into storage for part of the year that you still must maintain current coverage on that vehicle.  There are fines if coverage lapses and these fines go up in increments for each occurrence.  When you purchase a policy in the State of FL the company will notify the state of coverage or if coverage lapses.  The state will then notify the driver that both their registration and driver’s license will be suspended on a certain date unless the insurance is reinstated.

Florida car requirements for liability

The State of FL has established minimum coverage requirements for liability coverage that every driver must maintain at all times.  There are two areas where coverage must be maintained which include personal injury and property damage.  The minimum for personal injury protection is $10,000 and the minimum coverage for property damage is $10,000.  Additionally, the State of Florida requires that each policyholder carry bodily injury liability and damage liability in the amounts of $125,000 and $250,000 respectively and $50,000 for property damage coverage.

This brief overview of Florida auto insurance requirements provides drivers and car owners in the State of FL a starting point for getting covered in the state.  Talk with an agent to make sure that your vehicle is properly covered for driving within the State of Florida at all times.

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