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Are your collector cars or boats your most treasured items and you are having a hard time finding insurance? Are you wanting a quality insurance that will protect your classics for years to come so you can keep showing them off? Wouldn’t you want an insurance company that was started by a family who was in that same situation and wanted to protect their investments in their classics so started their own insurance company to be able to do so and help those who also wanted the same? That is exactly what Hagerty Insurance Company did.

Starting out of a family basement nearly 30 years ago in Traverse City, Michigan, the Hagerty family was looking for insurance for their most valued wooden boats and couldn’t find any. That put the desire for them to begin their own company and help others in the same situation. So, the Hagerty Insurance Company began.

Since their start, Hagerty Insurance Company has grown into a world leader in classic car and boat insurance. This business was built on their own actual love for classic cars and boats. Hagerty Insurance Company has a passion for the classics that pushes them to keep on improving their ideas and products and providing the best possible service to their clients.

Collectible cars and boats have different insurance needs from other automobiles. Hagerty Insurance Company is a world leader in the collector insurance industry. With Hagerty Insurance Company, they are able to offer customized products to make it easier for agents to do business and save time, money and lots of paperwork.

Hagerty Insurance Company is able to offer direct billing to clients for all new and renewal policies and any new options available with premiums that are low, expertise in the collector car and boat areas and unbeatable claims service. Hagerty Insurance Company is also able to offer a variety of online tools to help those that prefer to do all of their business online.

Hagerty Insurance Company offers Collector Car Insurance that has low premiums with a full coverage policy that includes comprehensive, collision and liability coverage with great service and at an affordable price. With Hagerty Insurance Company, your vehicle doesn’t go down in value. There is Agreed Value Policy that you agree on the insured value at policy signing and it remains in effect should the car become a total loss. You will get that amount agreed upon with no questions being asked.

Hagerty Insurance Company’s Collector Car Insurance Policy provides exceptional service from people who truly love the classics. They go through collector car training and support collector car hobbies through youth programs and government advocacies. Hagerty Insurance Company can answer your hardest questions the classic car owning experience.

Hagerty Insurance Company is the only group in the country to deal solely with collector automobiles. They have highly trained adjusters and a Parts Specialist on hand to track down those special parts to fit your automobile. Hagerty Insurance Company will allow you to choose your repair shop of choice or even pay you to do it yourself it you so choose to. Hagerty Insurance Company also offers the ability for you to drive your car as many miles as you want with no restrictions.

Hagerty Insurance Company offers a Roadside Service Protection that is designed for your classic car. This service guarantees a flatbed tow truck with soft straps to protect your car during its tow. This service is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and also covers battery problems, tire changes, fuel delivery and being locked out of your car. There are three levels of service that you can decide upon and those are Standard Plan that covers the first 10 miles of a tow or first $50 of any other services, Premium Plan that covers first 50 miles of a tow or first $100 of any other services and High-Octane Plan that covers $125 miles or first $100 of any other services as long as the calls are made for service through Hagerty Insurance Company dispatch center.

Whether you own one classic car or one hundred, are restoring an old car, traveling with your old car, collecting automobilia that has to do with old cars or just own spare tools and parts, Hagerty Insurance Company is their for you with a customized policy to fit your needs. They offer vehicle under construction coverage that increase 10% every quarter up to $25,000 a year, $750 in coverage for tools and towing access. Hagerty Insurance Company’s Traveling Collector Insurance will help cover as you are out and about with your car and on the road a lot. It provides rental help, repayment if you are not able to make it to an event and have tickets, lodging until your car is repaired, $750 for spare tools and parts and $250 for personal items and $10,000 of accidental death coverage with a $500 policy to cover a pets loss. Hagerty Insurance Company will also provide help with surety bonds for different situations and business coverage for your classic car if it is being used for photo shoots, movies, weddings, etc.

With Hagerty Insurance, you not only get Comprehensive, Collision and Liability Insurance Policies, but you also get medical reimbursement for auto shows if you are injured during the event, instant new purchase coverage up to $50,000 for 30 days of coverage, motorcycle safety equipment coverage and spare parts coverage.

Hagerty Insurance Company also offers 10% of their net revenue to support programs like Operation Ignite!, the Collectors Foundation to keep the future of classic cars going and keep the youth excited about them and the Historical Vehicle Association that was started by Hagerty Insurance Company to support classic car vehicle owners and “Keep yesterday’s vehicles on Tomorrow’s Roads”. Hagerty likes to say their collector car insurance is “For Car Guys, By Car Guys”
Hagerty Insurance Company also provides protection for your classic and wooden boats and they are the worlds leading provider of this type of insurance. This can include an agreed value policy where you get reimbursed for the price agreed upon at contract signing should something happen, low cost premiums, discounts if you are a member of a classic boating club, claim service that is there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the busy months of April through October, unlimited transportation on land no matter where you want to go, fast and friendly customer service from people who know their boats and flexible navigation which allows you to go out on the water as much as you want with no limits. Hagerty Insurance Company also offers protection for new wooden boats and boats being restored.
Since collectors insurance is all that Hagerty Insurance Company does, it is easy for them to focus all of their attention on the people who need these particular services. Hagerty Insurance wants to help protect the best moments of your life by helping you to make your dreams possible with your collectors boats and cars and make many memories. Hagerty Insurance Company understands and “gets it” of how you feel about your precious, collectors items and look forward to seeing you live out your dream, whether on the land driving your classic car or out on the water in your boat.

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