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Nationwide Insurance Company in Florida

Nationwide Insurance Florida

When every penny we make counts, being protected and safe in an emergency is also very important, especially with the costs of everything on the rise. Do you have the insurance protection you need to help you if something should happen? Are you sure it is enough? Have you looked into your options to find affordable insurance and one that fits your particular lifestyle in case something happens? Do you want an insurance company that is “On your side”? Then you don’t have to look any further because that is what Nationwide Insurance Company in Florida is all about. Nationwide Insurance Company has been using this “On your side” commercial since 2009, and they stand behind their promise to do just that.


Nationwide insurance company’s history.


The Nationwide Insurance Company began in 1925 as The Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company. The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation started it with the hopes of helping to provide low costs for auto insurance to the farmers in Ohio. A year later, The Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company sold its first policy, which started their business. In 1928, with continued growth and success and sponsorships from local organizations, they spread into West Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, Vermont, and North Carolina.


In 1934, The Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company began insuring motorists in city areas. Later they purchased their first fire insurance company. By 1943, the company had grown into 12 states and The District of Columbia.


The Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company kept growing. They surpassed their goals by spreading into the West and adding 20 more states. In 1955, they realized they had not only outgrown their previous goals but had also outgrown their name. Hence, they changed their name to Nationwide Insurance. In 1978, they finished building its main headquarters in Ohio. This building is the largest single office building in Central Ohio at 40 stories high.


In 1982, Nationwide Insurance Company bought Farmland Insurance. This company has been around for 100 years and is the leading farm insurer, and renamed it Nationwide Agribusiness Insurance. In 1997, Nationwide Insurance and its partners combined into Nationwide Financial Services and went public. They broke ground for the National Arena that opened in 2000 as home to the National Hockey League, The Columbus Blue Jays. In 2007, Nationwide bank was created and opened its doors for service. In 2009, Nationwide Financial Services had all its stock shares purchased by Nationwide Corporation, a Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company branch.

How prominent is Nationwide in Florida?


Over more than 80 years and with more than $135 billion in assets, Nationwide Insurance Company in Florida has gone from a small auto insurance company owned by its policyholders to one of the most significant insurance and financial services worldwide. Nationwide Insurance Company got its start with the help and sponsorships from Farm Bureaus. To this day, eight Farm Bureaus still support and back them while giving out discounts to its members.

Nationwide Insurance Company in Florida also sponsors many different organizations that share their promise to be “on your side.” These organizations include:

  • NASCAR Nationwide Series racing
  • The Memorial Golf Tournament
  • Nationwide Children’s Hospital Golf Championship
  • Jack Hanna and his wildlife conservation with the Columbus Zoo
  • Ohio State University
  • Columbus Blue Jackets Hockey Team
  • Columbus Clippers Baseball Team
  • National Black MBA Association
  • National Society of Hispanic MBA’s
  • Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association
  • Black Enterprise.

What type of insurance does Nationwide provide in Florida?


Nationwide Insurance Company offers two main types of Florida insurance to help protect you. The first of those is Home Insurance. Through Nationwide, home insurance in Florida protects against damage to your home, theft, and weather elements of nature. They offer competitive rates, which can save you as much as 20% if you bundle your home and auto policies. In addition, they provide excellent claims service with highly trained professionals to assist you. 


Nationwide Insurance Company also offers Auto Insurance in Florida. The company’s auto insurance plan offers “on your side” claim service to get life back to normal as fast as they can, discounts on car insurance rates such as multi-policy discounts, good student driver discounts, discounts through Farm Bureau, and much more. Nationwide Insurance Company has a 95% auto insurance satisfaction rate, which alone says a lot for its company. They also offer what they call a “vanishing deductible.” They reduce their deductible by $100 a year for every year without an accident. Of course, Nationwide provides an “on your side” review, so their customers get the protection they need at budget-friendly prices. In addition, they offer the ability for members to check their accounts quickly to answer questions. Just see what they are up to today in Florida and the privileges of being a member of a great insurance company.

Nationwide Insurance Company excels in customer service.


Nationwide Insurance Company offers superior customer service from trained agents who will be there to help you in any way that they can. They want you to know that they are indeed “on your side” when it comes to keeping you safe and helping you when you need it the most. Nationwide Insurance Company strives to be there for you in your time of need and protect what matters to you and your family the most. In addition, they will work hard to secure your investments and help you prepare for the future.

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