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The Hartford Insurance Group

The Hartford Insurance Group Florida

Are you protected in the event of an emergency? Do you have a responsible, trustworthy, and hard-working insurance company that has stood the test of time and will be there for you in your time of need to lend a hand and help you get back on your feet and get your life back should something happen? Let The Hartford Insurance Group be that peace of mind for you and your family.


After over 200 years of serving customers and growing, The Hartford Insurance Group has become a leader in the insurance industry, along with their symbol of a monarch deer with massive horns standing tall and proud, which means high quality, dependability, and robustness. At Hartford, they respect their customers and work hard to ensure and direct them to meet their needs and establish a secure financial future.


The Hartford Insurance Group strives to change and grow with the times and offers many types of insurance to accommodate customers’ needs.


The Hartford Insurance Group offers Auto Insurance to protect you if you are ever in an accident, with unique features such as a policy where they won’t just drop your coverage for too many accidents, offer assistance to you if you break down along the road and even give you a new car to replace your old car. Many more features should your car get totaled.


The Hartford Insurance Group also offers protection for your recreational vehicles, such as ATVs, boats, jet skis, classic cars, or an RV, and will customize the insurance to fit the things you may have. They also have Umbrella Insurance to protect you in the event of a lawsuit if the claim is too large to be covered by your regular auto or homeowners policy.


The Hartford Insurance Group offers Home Insurance Protection for those who own their own home or condominiums or those who just rent and want to protect what is inside the houses. In addition, they offer a flood policy to cover damage incurred by water should a flood ever happen since basic homeowners policies don’t cover flood damages.


With identity theft on the rise and millions affected every year, The Hartford Insurance Group offers protection that can help prevent identity theft from happening to you and help you cover losses and recover your life if it should happen.


The Hartford Insurance Group also offers the following other types of Insurance Policies to help give you peace of mind and protection to you and your loved ones if something should happen: Life Insurance to take care of your loved ones or bills that you leave behind should something happen to you; Short Term Disability to help you if you get sidelined by an illness, being put off work due to problems with pregnancy or if just something terrible would happen to you; Accidental Death and Dismemberment to help you if you get knocked down by one of life’s hardships and Long Term Disability which is there to help you in the case that you are out of commission for months and protects you, so you don’t lose everything and exhaust your savings.


The Hartford Insurance Group also offers retirement products which can include the following: Annuities which are a form of insurance where a fixed sum of money is paid to you every year generally for the rest of your life; Mutual Funds are where your money is managed by a professional and is used to make investments; Retirement Plans are where you can put money away and live better when you finally get to that point in your life; Life Insurance to help with your loved ones left behind and their future, funeral costs, and any bills you may have accrued that need to be paid.


The Hartford Insurance Group also offers Business Insurance Policies to protect your businesses from the unexpected so you can keep them going and growing. Through the Hartford Insurance Group, you can obtain Business Owners’ Protection (BOP), Commercial Auto Insurance, Commercial Flood Insurance, Commercial Property Insurance, Commercial Umbrella Insurance, Data Breach Insurance, FleetAhead Fleet Safety Insurance, General Liability Insurance, Loss Control, Marine Insurance, Management, and Professional Liability, Surety, and Fidelity Bonds and Workers Compensation Insurances.


The Hartford Insurance Group doesn’t only protect its customers. Still, it offers different products and insurances for its employees, too, with a Group Disability Benefit, Life and Accident Insurance Policy, Retirement Plans, Absence Management, Voluntary Benefits, and a group retiree health plan. It is nice to know that a company wants to take care of the people who work hard to keep it going and provide excellent customer service. That says a lot for The Hartford Insurance Group.



The Hartford Insurance Group also offers services for a broad group of companies. These services include Business and Professional Services for professions such as accountants, travel agencies, appraisers, etc.; Communications Services for occupations such as tv and radio broadcasters, etc.; Construction and Contractors Services, Financial Services for professions such as for those in banks, firms and insurance groups; Education services for jobs in school systems; Healthcare Services for occupations in hospitals, nursing homes and private doctors practices; Livestock Services for professions involving ownership, transportation, selling, raising and breeding livestock animals; Manufacturing Services of jobs in different areas of manufacturing such as food, metal, plastics, etc.; Maritime Employers Services for those professions in the naval or marine industries; Retail, Restaurants, and Equipment Services for those professions dealing with providing equipment to places to eat or where we go for entertainment; Technology Services for those professions in various technology companies such as electronics, medical, software, etc.; Transportation Services for those professions in any type of transporting such as tow trucks, limousines and vehicle transporters; Wholesalers and Distributors Services for those professions in the selling and distribution of a wide variety of products such as appliances, clothing, office supplies and etc.


The Hartford Insurance Group offers many different insurance policies for small, midsize, and large businesses. In addition, they will customize your insurance policy on what type of industry you work in and your needs. The Hartford Insurance Group focuses on making long-standing client-provider relationships, with some of their clients being with them for over 60 years. They aim to remain flexible and consistent as they grow and help their customers have a  secure financial future.

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