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Florida Motorcycle Insurance

Insure That Hog

You need insurance for everything, from health to homeowners to renters to automobile to motorcycles.  If you own it, you can, and should, insure it.  Insurance is there for when bad things happen to you or your stuff.

What Insurance Does

The ability to repair or replace items, especially expensive items like homes, cars, and motorcycles, is usually outside the financial reach of the average person.  This is especially true if disaster strikes and many of your expensive things are damaged.  Would you be able to afford to replace, say, your motorcycle even, should the worst case scenario come to pass?

Florida Risks

Living in Florida, there are many ways for disaster to strike.  Hurricanes, floods, and tourists driving are all ways your motorcycle can get damaged.  Sometimes, accidents just happen.  Florida motorcycle insurance will help keep you from shelling out serious cash should your precious bike get a big, bad boo-boo.

State Laws

First things first, know the state laws governing minimum coverage for motorcycle insurance.  As Florida doesn’t stipulate, go by minimum auto coverage as a guideline.  Also, as a motorcycle owner, you don’t have to carry Personal Injury Protection insurance.  And, if you are a motorcycle operator over 21, as long as you meet the minimum coverage for a medical policy ($10,000), you don’t have to wear a helmet (but you do need to wear eye protection).

Quote It

Second, get a quote based on the amount of coverage you think you need.  The perfect starting point is your current insurance company.  They have a vested interest in keeping your business, and may even offer a multi-vehicle or multi-policy discount.  This will save you from having one policy with one company, and one with another.

Compare It

Now, don’t just take your insurer’s word for it that they are giving you the best rates possible.  Check the competition.  Go find the competitor’s site that offers to show a lot of insurers’ rates for comparison.  This will save you the trouble of going to each and every site and compiling the information.

If your current insurer doesn’t offer the best rate, call them.  Find out why.  It could be as simple as they’ll match the price, or they could offer a value added service, like 24 hour roadside assistance that makes the price difference worth it.

Florida motorcycle insurance isn’t complicated, but it is necessary.  Make sure you know the current laws prior to purchasing coverage.  Don’t be afraid to shop around and ask questions.  Just get the best coverage for your situation.

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