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Florida Insurance Quotes Unveils the Best Auto Insurers in 2023

When choosing auto insurance in Florida, finding a provider that offers reliable coverage with excellent customer service is essential. In 2023, Florida Insurance Quotes has emerged as the go-to resource for uncovering the best auto insurers in the Sunshine State. With a dedication to helping Florida drivers find the right coverage at the best rates, Florida Insurance Quotes has become a trusted name in the industry. Let’s dive into the top auto insurers in Florida for 2023, as unveiled by Florida Insurance Quotes.

Who Offers Auto Insurance in Florida?

Everyone should know which companies offer online quotes for auto insurance in the Sunshine State. Luckily, we have saved time by providing drivers with a list of car insurance companies in Florida. So, let us help shoppers find the best approach for them today!

Almost everyone owns a car these days or is working to buy one. Without transportation, our options in life are minimal. However, we need more than a car and gas to get around in Florida. While coverage for our vehicle is always a good idea, it is mandatory in Florida. Suppose they get behind the wheel of our car without car insurance. In that case, they are violating the law. A mere speeding ticket can quickly turn into a much bigger problem. Why risk it when there are countless auto insurance companies in Florida? Consider the following advice to pick a suitable carrier.

Visit Florida Insurance Quotes to Compare Auto Insurance Companies in Florida

Unlike many other online websites, Florida Insurance Quotes does not resell your information to everyone willing to buy it. Instead, we run your customer profile through our online calculator to determine who will offer the best rate. However, we designed our website to compare rates from various auto insurance companies in Florida quickly. Therefore, we only need to ask a few key questions. 

Florida Insurance Quotes does not use your information to prepare final car insurance quotes. Instead, we use these questions to limit our insurance company selections. For example, let us assume you have a perfect driving record and a long history of paying for insurance. In that case, you will qualify for the best rates in Florida.

However, if you need a new policy or have had multiple claims, in that case, they will not be eligible for insurance from some carriers. Usually, it is the big brands they see advertised on TV. So, instead, we match them with auto insurance companies in Florida that will accept them as clients.

Auto Body Shops Know Who the Best Companies Are

Only some people ask their local auto body shop for an auto insurance referral. However, it is one of the best ways to get an honest opinion. Of course, it helps if they have a personal relationship with one. Still, many auto body shops will share how well companies service their customers. Body shops are a great source because they work hand in hand with companies when cars get damaged. So they know who pays out the most, who is quickest with these payouts, and who uses the best parts. As a result, body shops offer first-hand information that drivers will want to consider.

JD Power and Associates Rates Auto Insurance Companies in Florida.

JD Power and Associates keep rankings on car insurance companies in Florida. Visit their website online to find everything from customer satisfaction to coverage options. The company has an excellent reputation, so drivers trust what they say. Shoppers will also find the results of an annual survey of customers. The survey will give us essential insight into customer satisfaction. Florida Insurance Quotes uses these reports to help customers find the best company.

Research the company’s financial reliability.

It may seem strange, but we should only trust companies with enough money to cover claims. They are a business, so they take risks and can suffer losses. Fortunately, Florida Insurance Quotes tracks the financial stability of auto insurance companies in Florida. Our agent partners will share which carriers will most likely have issues paying claims.

Choosing the right auto insurance company in Florida is a crucial decision nobody should not take lightly. Therefore, they should consider everything before choosing a Florida car insurance company.

What carriers are currently writing policies in Florida?

As shoppers may already know, Florida has some of the most expensive car insurance in the US. Due to this, we recommend that they shop around on While doing so, they can reference our list of companies. This list of Florida car insurance companies can be a great starting point for finding the best rates. So, let us dive into our list. If anyone wants to receive quotes from these companies, click the gold “Get A Quote” button to start.


We Recommend the Following Florida Auto Insurance Companies.

Florida Insurance Quotes has meticulously researched and evaluated numerous auto insurers across the state to determine the top contenders for 2023. Our team has considered customer satisfaction, financial stability, coverage options, and affordability to bring you the most reliable and trustworthy providers. After careful analysis, the following auto insurers have emerged as the best in Florida:

  • State Farm
  •  Geico
  •  Progressive
  •  Allstate
  •  Universal Property & Casualty
  •  USAA
  •  Liberty Mutual
  •  Farmers Insurance
  •  Mercury Insurance
  •  Nationwide
  •  The Hartford

State Farm

State Farm can provide us with the car insurance they want in Florida. In addition, this company can provide us with excellent service and the ultimate confidence level. State Farm always follows through. Their knowledgeable agents are the key to finding easy savings, customizable coverage, and straightforward policies.


Geico may be our best bet if they are new to Florida and looking for an excellent policy. Whether you are ready to purchase a new car or looking to switch providers, Geico can easily prove that they are the best decision. However, Geico is very picky about who they do business with. If you have any claims or tickets, seek another option.


Progressive is well known for providing customers with multiple discounts to save on a policy. In addition, it is one of the best insurance companies out there. In addition, over 18 million people trust them to insure their vehicles.


When we purchase a policy from Allstate, it is more than just car insurance. In addition, we receive customized help from expert agents and only the best innovative tools available. Allstate agents can help us find discounts, adjust our coverage as needed, and answer any questions.

Universal Property & Casualty

Want the protection we deserve? Universal Property & Casualty cares about us and is here to stay by providing us with the necessary coverage. They are here to help their customers. In addition, they take everything they learn and apply it to bring superior coverage.

USAA Insurance

USAA provides military members and their families with coverage. They started by providing car insurance coverage. Presently today, they still strive to provide superior service. So, create their legacy with USAA today and take advantage of all the benefits that come with it.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual can provide auto coverage as well. This company helps people protect and preserve what they earn, build, and own. Florida drivers are ready to start saving on auto coverage. In that case, this company can commit to providing them with a policy that suits all of their needs.

Farmers Insurance

Why choose Farmers Insurance for their auto needs? It is simple: Farmers have spent over 90 years putting their customers first. In addition, Farmers provide personalized attention as a prominent hallmark of the Farmers’ experience.

Mercury Insurance

Mercury Insurance commits to keeping costs low. This company has been helping families save money on their coverage since 1962. Mercury Insurance also boats award-winning and accredited services. Mercury was rated a top-five auto insurer for 2018.


Take advantage of Nationwide’s features. Nationwide makes it easy for them to find the Florida auto policy they want. In addition, this company can show them the options they need to consider to get the right coverage for their budget.

The Hartford

Hartford provides an AARP auto insurance program. This program offers special car insurance pricing and benefits for AARP members. Enjoy great rates and rewards for safe driving. Also, enjoy extra help with their AARP membership.

Shop For Auto Coverage Now

These are just a few companies that can provide them with coverage here in the Sunshine State. While we listed a few, our list of car insurance companies in Florida can help get them started. Start the search with the list provided above. Florida Insurance Quotes has all the resources they need right here! Let us help drivers find the best company for their lifestyle. Get started now by clicking “Get A Quote.”

Put Your Trust in Florida Insurance Quotes.

When choosing the best auto insurer in Florida, trust Florida Insurance Quotes. Our unbiased and comprehensive research ensures that you receive accurate and up-to-date information on the top providers in the state. We understand the importance of finding an auto insurer that meets your unique needs and budget, and we are committed to helping you make an informed decision.

Save your time sifting through numerous insurance companies and confusing policies. Visit Florida Insurance Quotes today and let us guide you toward the best auto insurer in Florida for 2023. Trust our expertise and start driving confidently, knowing you have the right coverage at the best rates.


Thanks to Florida Insurance Quotes, finding the best auto insurer in Florida is manageable. Our extensive research and dedication help Florida drivers. Then, you can rest assured that we unveiled the top auto insurers for 2023. Put your trust in Florida Insurance Quotes and make an informed decision that suits your needs. Drive with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that you have chosen the right coverage from the best auto insurer in Florida.

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