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How To Get Florida Car Insurance Quotes

If you’re like many Florida drivers, you’re trying to save money on your car insurance bills. Car insurance rates for Florida drivers are some of the highest in the nation, with an average policy amount of over $3000, while states like Idaho or Maine pay barely a third of that.  While shopping around from one insurance company to another can be time consuming, it’s worth the effort if you find the right policy at the best price. There’s one method of getting the lowest Florida car insurance quotes that many consumers overlook. Try bundling your insurance policies together to save even more.

Bundled Insurance Saves Money Effortlessly

If you’re a homeowner in Florida, and are also in the market for car insurance, consider contacting your insurance agent and asking if there are discounts for bundling two or more policies together. Many insurers in the Sunshine State offer policies for both types of insurance, and most will be pleased to offer a discount in order to get you to sign up for both types.

Florida Doesn’t Lead The Nation, But Still Offers Substantial Discounts

While Florida isn’t at the forefront of discounts for bundled insurance policies, it’s still possible to save a lot of money on your consolidated insurance bill. According to a recent study, residents of Louisiana can save the most on their insurance by bundling home and auto policies, over $500 per year on average, which works out to close to 20 percent. Other states that offer big savings include Oklahoma, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, and the District of Columbia. Florida is ranked 50th out of 51 states and the District of Columbia, but on average you could still save close to $150 per year, which is almost 5 percent. Since these saving require nothing on your part, and they don’t diminish the amount or limits of your coverage in any way, they’re a no-brainer for the budget-conscious insurance shopper.

It’s not just bundling of single-family home insurance and auto insurance that can qualify you for savings, either. Insurance companies often offer the same discounts for bundling your policies to condominium owners as they do for freestanding houses.

Renters Can Qualify, Too

If you’re not a homeowner, but still want to save money on bundled insurance policies, don’t despair. Many insurance companies also offer discounts on auto insurance for customers that bundle one of many different kinds of insurance along with their auto policies. Many apartment dwellers have rental insurance policies that cover losses of their belongings, and insurance companies will often bundle those with auto insurance policies and offer a discount. If you take advantage of bundled car and renter insurance policies, don’t expect to get as big a discount as with homeowner’s insurance policies. The study said that renters that purchased bundled auto policies saved an average of 8 percent nationwide, compared to 11 percent for homeowner’s and auto. When searching for Florida car insurance quotes, it will pay to get numbers for multi-policy discounts from at least three carriers, the same as you would for conventional insurance policies.

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