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Top Rated Homeowners Insurance Companies In Florida 2020

39 Top Rated Home Insurance Companies For Florida In 2020

In addition to our top rated homeowners insurance companies in Florida list, we have also provided more information about “homeowners insurance Florida“. If you read through each one, it will help you determine the level of service each company can provide to you. Keep reading below to get a better understanding of your options or simply click on “Get A Quote” and let us find you the ideal option for your hard earned money.

  • American Integrity Insurance Company of Florida

    American Integrity Insurance Company of Florida serves over 250,000 policyholders throughout FL. Whether you are a policyholder or deciding what fits your needs, this company looks forward to developing a long lasting relationship with you.

  • American Strategic Insurance 

    American Strategic Insurance is one of the largest homeowners carriers in all of North America. This company sets big goals, and they achieve each one by paying close attention to the details. They really do care about people and their local communities. They work hard to go above and beyond.

  • American Traditions Insurance

    American Traditions Insurance is committed to providing fast and friendly claims to all policyholders. This company’s main goal is to allow you to return to your normal lifestyle as quickly as possible.

  • Avatar Property and Casualty Insurance

    Avatar Property and Casualty can easily provide their customers with top of the line stability and security to all Florida Property owners. In fact, Avatar treats all customers like family. They feel great pride that you allow them the responsibility of providing the proper coverage. This company also responds to claims within 24 hours, amazing! They can provide you with quick and effective service.

  • Capitol Preferred Insurance Company

    Capitol Preferred Insurance Company strives to offer superior service, competitive coverages, expedited claim services, and peace of mind. Currently, Capitol services over 56,000 policies throughout Florida.

  • Centauri Insurance Company

    Centauri Insurance Company is financially stable, dependable, and persistent when they are faced with challenges. In addition, reliability is one of the things that makes this company stand out among others. They want to build a long-lasting, trusting relationship with each of their customers.

  • Citizens Property Insurance

    Citizens Property Insurance was created by the Florida Legislature in 2002. Its sole purpose is to provide residents who can’t find property insurance coverage in the private market with a policy. Citizens provide insurance products and amazing customer service to each and every customer.

  • Cypress Property & Casualty Insurance

    Cypress Property & Casualty Company are different from other companies out there because of their dedication to fast, fair and efficient claims handling, superior customer service, and their unparalleled reinsurance program that provides a competitive advantage.

  • Edison Insurance Company

    Edison Insurance Company brings in smart and innovative solutions to the insurance industry. This company also wants to provide quality coverage at competitive prices while providing great service as well. Edison is financially stable and has received high ratings from the BBB. This company is smart, focused, and simple. What more could you want from a company?

  • Federated National Insurance Company

    Federated National is committed to providing fair and competitive pricing along with exceptional customer service. FedNat is committed to providing fair, personalized claim handling to all of its customers. In fact, their claims team has paid over 2 billion dollars in claims. This includes over $300 million from the Florida hurricanes of 2004 and 2005, and from Hurricane Irma.

  • Florida Family Insurance

    Why choose Florida Family Insurance? First, they have an in-depth knowledge of the market, they understand all the unique needs a Florida homeowner needs. It’s not just there in-depth knowledge that helps stand this company apart, it’s also their culture of caring that makes all the difference. Around 97% of calls are answered within 30 seconds, impressive, right?

  • Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

    Florida Peninsula Insurance Company is known for its small company flexibility and attitude that provides customers with cost-effective policies. Fl Peninsula Insurance Company also provides superior claims handling. They also close around 95% of their claims in less than 90 days from the date reported.

  • Florida Specialty Insurance Company

    Florida Specialty Insurance Company designs policies that are ft to meet all the unique needs of Florida homeowners! These policies offer protection that covers your housing, personal property, and your additional living expenses. This company writes over $30 million dollars worth of homeowners policies throughout the state. Florida specialty insurance company reviews may come in handy if you are considering this company.

  • Frontline Insurance

    To avoid confusion, First Protective Insurance Company is doing business as Frontline Insurance now. Frontline has provided smart, customizable solutions to customers for the past 20 years. Homeowners in Florida trust Frontline to protect their most valuable possessions.

  • Gulfstream Property and Casualty Insurance Company

    At Gulfstream Property and Casualty you are provided with top of the line security every day. They have years of experience and as a result, respond to your claims quickly.

  • Heritage Property and Casualty Company

    Heritage Property and Casualty Company is based in Clearwater, Florida. This company is definitely a great choice when it comes to Florida homeowners insurance companies. Their management team has over 500 years of combined experience in the FL home insurance market.

  • Homeowners Choice Property and Casualty

    Homeowners Choice Property and Casualty is dedicated to providing service to agents and policyholders while providing competitive, secure, and customizable prices and coverage. They also boast an exceptional Financial Stability Rating by Demotech.

  • Maison Insurance Company

    Maison Insurance Company offers smart solutions, financial security, and peace of mind for all of their customers. They provide a trusted team of insurance professional that prides itself on personal attention and expert advice to protect your home. Stability, compassion, and integrity are guaranteed for everyone’s tomorrows.

  • Modern USA Insurance Company

    Modern USA Insurance Company is an affiliate company to American Traditions Insurance Company. However, Modern USA allows customers to purchase additional capacity for homeowner policies. Both companies can provide service that customers place their trust in.

  • Olympus Insurance Company

    Olympus Insurance Company provides stability, strength, and service. They are revolutionizing the Florida homeowners insurance market. They offer quality homeowner insurance products, financial strength, and great service.

  • Omega Insurance Agency

    Omega provides high-quality products and services, as well as protection and value pricing all throughout the state of Florida. Their strong reputation, honesty, and integrity are the foundation of the agency.

  • People’s Trust Insurance

    “Simply a better way.” As a People’s Trust policyholder, you will be a part of a large growing number of FL residents who want their homeowners company to be a full partner in recovery after a loss. People’s trust will always be there when you need them. In fact, they are always just a phone call away. By using Rapid Response Centers, they can deliver more competitive prices along with better customer service. A great provider of homeowner insurance Florida residents love.

  • Prepared Insurance

    At Prepared Insurance, your home is full of possibilities. Prepared Insurance knows the ups and down homeowners face and therefore are prepared for anything. They strongly believe that home coverage should be centered around you. Prepared works hard to understand each customer’s needs to build a relationship.

  • Sawgrass Mutual Insurance

    Sawgrass Mutual Insurance was a property and casualty insurer that was founded in 2007. This company had more than 20,000 policies across the state of Florida. However, this company is currently out of business. Luckily, there are many other companies on the list to choose from that have better financial stability.

  • Security First Insurance

    Security First Is committed to being there for Florida residents storm after storm. Members from there leadership team come from diverse backgrounds and bring a wealth of knowledge in insurance and technology.

  • Southern Fidelity Insurance Company

    Southern Fidelity Insurance Company is the 6th most reliable company after the 2017 hurricane season. This company can handle any claim you throw at them due to their expedited claim service. It’s a relief to know that they can have your back after a hurricane.

  • Southern Oak Insurance Company

    Southern Oak insurance company understands the importance of being there when you need them the most. In addition, Southern Oak secures reinsurance from A-rated companies to protect policyholders from catastrophic events.

  • St. Johns Insurance Company, Inc

    St. Johns is a privately held company that insures home and condo owners throughout FL. Their mission is to provide all policyholders with access to a high-quality insurer.

  • State Farm

    State Farm is here to help life go right! This company has a passion to help serve customers and give back to the communities for almost 100 years strong. State Farm wants to give customers a great value.

  • Tower Hill Insurance Group

    Tower Hill Insurance Group is one of Florida’s largest residential property insurers. Why choose Tower Hill? Exceptional customer service, financial stability, and the many coverage options are perks of Tower Hill.

  • Tower Hill Preferred

    In June 2000, Tower Hill purchased Regency Insurance Company. Regency Insurance was then changed to Tower Hill Preferred. In addition, in 2010, Hillcrest Insurance Company joined forces with Tower Hill Preferred.

  • Tower Hill Prime

    DeSoto Prime Insurance Company was acquired by Tower Hill in March 2003 and was later renamed to Tower Hill Prime.

  • Tower Hill Select

    Tower Hill Select Company was established in 2004. Its sole purpose is to complement existing Florida policies with Tower Hill.

  • Tower Hill Signature Insurance Company

    Tower Hill Signature Insurance Company was formerly known as Royal Palm Insurance Company. However, in May 2011 it changed its name to Tower Hill Signature Insurance Company.

  • United Property and Casualty

    Count on United Property and Casualty (UPC) at the time of greatest need. UPC strives to keep the promise to policyholders while being here today and tomorrow. UPC is deeply committed to financial stability and long term solvency.

  • Universal North America

    Universal North America believes that solid protection is built on values. This company strives to listen, aim high, and lead by example. Universal Property and Casualty have caring professionals standing by 24/7.

  • USAA

    USAA proudly serves military members and their families. Membership with USAA consists of currently serving military members, former military, their family, and cadets or midshipmen. With roots grounded in the military. USAA can bring methods to your finances and its values through an exclusive suite of financial products and advice.

  • Velocity Insurance Group

    Why choose Velocity? Velocity has decades of experience when it comes to providing customized service to clients all around the world. They use innovative solutions to manage insurance needs and provide customers with comprehensive risk management.

  • Weston Insurance Company

    Weston Insurance Company is focused on insuring homes for losses from hurricanes, tornadoes, and other windstorms. This company is dedicated to providing you with responsive, high-quality service.


BBB Ratings of Homeowners Insurance Companies in Florida

Below we have listed the top rated homeowners insurance companies in Florida that are currently accepting new policies along with their current BBB Rating. You may consider these companies when it comes time to shop for a new policy in the Sunshine State. Check out the table below to view each company and their BBB rating. Their BBB rating will simply tell you how great a company is with its customers and how well they handle complaints. When it comes to the final decision making, you will want to pick a company with a high rating for your Florida Home Insurance Quote.


Company Name BBB Rating
American Integrity Insurance Company of Florida A+
American Strategic Insurance A+
American Traditions Insurance A+
ASI Assurance Corp A+
Avatar Property and Casualty Insurance A+
Capitol Preferred Insurance Company A+
Centauri Insurance Company B+
Citizens Property Insurance D
Cypress Property & Casualty Insurance C-
Edison Insurance Company A+
Federated National Insurance Company/FedNat B+
Florida Family Insurance A+
Florida Peninsula Insurance Company A+
Florida Specialty Insurance Company A
Frontline Insurance N/A
Gulfstream Property and Casualty Insurance Company A+
Heritage Property and Casualty Company A
Homeowners Choice Property and Casualty A
Maison Insurance Company A+
Modern USA Insurance Company A+
Olympus Insurance Company A+
Omega Insurance Agency A+
People’s Trust Insurance A+
Prepared Insurance A+
Security First Insurance A+
Southern Fidelity Insurance Company A+
Southern Oak Insurance Company A+
St. Johns Insurance Company, Inc A+
State Farm A
Tower Hill Insurance Group A+
Tower Hill Preferred A+
Tower Hill Prime A+
Tower Hill Select A+
Tower Hill Signature Insurance Company A+
United Property and Casualty A+
Universal North America A-
Velocity Insurance Group A+
Weston Insurance Company B+


Three things Florida home insurance companies don’t want you to know

While the overwhelming majority of Florida home insurance companies out there are on the “up and up” and run completely legitimate businesses, there are a number of less than ethical insurance companies looking to squeeze every penny out of anyone they can – with absolutely no worry or concern about what it does to you.

And even if there isn’t any malicious intent behind some of the actions that Florida home insurance companies take they might still be keeping you from saving all of the money that you otherwise would be, which is why you’ll want to pay close attention to all of the details included below.

While nowhere near the completed comprehensive list of everything that Florida home insurance companies may try to “hide” from you, here are just a couple of things that you’ll want to be aware of before you sign up for coverage with any of them!

Shop for a better deal

The first thing that you need to know is that you are always – ALWAYS – able to shop for a better deal whenever you are looking for Florida home insurance.

Even though you have signed an agreement with a particular insurance agency, you still have the right to investigate and research the rates available from other Florida home insurance companies (as well as the coverage that they provide) and make the decision to “jump ship” whenever you feel like it.

If you use this as a powerful bargaining tool at the negotiation table, you could end up with significant savings – and an endless source of significant savings, if you use it once a year or so – that can help you to protect your bank account and your property at the exact same time!

Significant discounts that are “hidden” from the general public

Secondly, there may (or may not) the significant discounts, deals, and “hidden offers” that different Florida home insurance companies make available that aren’t exactly advertised to the general public where everyone that walks through those doors.

Remember, Florida insurance salesmen are (usually) paid on commission – in the last thing that you want to do is significantly lower the amount of money that they make on each and every sale. This is true even if it puts money in your back pocket, as it’s only going to take money out of theirs.

Every once in a while you’ll come across an ethical Florida insurance salesman, and they’ll let you in on the fat there are steep discounts and significant savings available. However, if you aren’t dealing with one of these “unicorns”, don’t be afraid to ask about these deals and discounts to see if you are eligible.

Until you sign on the dotted line you aren’t “locked into” anything

Finally, any and all of the agreements that you have made with your insurance agent need absolutely nothing until you sign on the dotted line. Do not let anyone bully you into agreeing to terms that you are uncomfortable with, prices that you don’t think you can pay, or coverage that you simply do not need if you haven’t signed anything. Use this info to protect yourself moving forward and contact Florida Insurance Quotes to let us do all the legwork securing your coverage.

How can I successfully compare Florida homeowners insurance companies?

We have provided you with the list of Fl homeowners insurance companies on the web along with their BBB rating. We here at understand how confusing and frustrating the process of choosing a homeowners company can be. Don’t worry, we have the quotes that no one else has.

Let us help you find the right Florida homeowners insurance company for you. To get started, simply receive a quote from us now! Not only do we find you the least expensive free quote, but we will also compare you with the companies above and match you with one that suits lifestyle and budget. It’s that easy!

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